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Customized Professional Development

A unique feature of our work is our ability to address the varied needs of each of our clients. No two schools, districts, or organizations hire Callahan Consulting for the same reasons. As a company, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. In fact, what sets us apart is our commitment to identify deeper issues that exist within systems, challenge beliefs, and address other obstacles to change.



Assessments That Matter

Students have become conditioned to believe that math tests are about memorizing facts, being quick, and never having to justify an answer. These types of assessments reinforce a narrow definition of what it means to be mathematically proficient. 

We are changing the culture of assessments in mathematics to focus on problem solving, communicating reasoning, and mathematical modeling; all tools necessary to be successful in college, in careers, and in the world.



School & District Changes

For authentic change to happen across a school or district, there has to be support across all levels of the system. Teachers, students, administrators, and parents all need to understand not just what the changes are in mathematics education, but why they are important. Everyone must  be on the same page. Callahan Consulting understands that for this to happen, different stakeholders need different support. We individualize our support to teachers, administration, and parents to achieve a common vision and bring coherence to the system.



Supporting County Offices

Across the United States, schools and districts often turn to their local county office of education for guidance and support in developing and executing successful mathematics programs.  

We offer support to the county offices, as outside experts, in order to bolster their network and build capacity across the county.

Working with county offices is a rare opportunity to have an impact on the county as a whole and all of the diverse schools and students therein. Additionally, teachers and administrators that attend our workshops are able to collaborate with peers they might not otherwise encounter and bring their individual understandings back to address the unique needs of their sites.





We like to network and attend conferences to learn about new, innovative ideas in mathematics education and to share our own ideas and experiences with others. Take a look at the information below to see where you can find the Callahan Consulting team in the future.



We believe that professional development is most effective when it is customized and when it is ongoing. Check out our schedule of some of our workshops below. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about designing a workshop for your school, district, county, or organization.