Connecting systems and student experiences to improve mathematics education.


Callahan Consulting believes that the best mathematics programs are those that develop students who can think critically, communicate their reasoning, and apply mathematics to solve problems arising in the real world. We believe that mathematics is a tool to understand the world and better appreciate its usefulness and beauty. All students deserve the opportunity to have rich, rigorous mathematical experiences that go beyond the classroom to college, career, and life.



Customized Professional Development

Customized Professional Development

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That Matter

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School & District

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Improving mathematics education. Challenges wanted.


Many schools and districts hire Callahan Consulting because they realize that there is an imbalance in their mathematics program. Perhaps the instruction is not meeting the needs of all learners. Or the district has recently adopted a new textbook and would like assistance aligning their instructional practices. Or maybe teachers have made positive changes to their instruction that emphasize student problem solving and critical thinking, but are struggling to design assessments that match. Regardless of the issue, Callahan Consulting is committed to making sure all of the moving parts within a school or district function in a way that best serves students.




Real educators. Real challenges. Real triumphs.


Collectively our company has taught in every grade from elementary through university. We have decades of classroom experience which strengthens our understanding of the real-life challenges students, teachers, and districts face. We have worked with many types of schools and districts, from urban to rural to international, customizing our involvement to the unique needs of each. We have supported county, state, and national projects and agencies. We're also active participants within our industry, speaking at education conferences throughout the year - see this year's calendar.

Education systems are complex and it is often easy to lose the forest for the trees. In our experience, it is important to find the balance between the details and the big picture. We love taking on challenges that matter and designing solutions that make a difference in the lives of students, teachers, and all stakeholders.


While attending one of their interactive workshops, it became clear that the presenters were experts in their field – a math PhD and a well informed teacher of best math practices. They were not only engaging and entertaining to listen to, they also demonstrated how to get the best out of our students through critical thinking. The activities bridged a number of grade levels leaving a diverse group of teachers with a better understanding of the purpose of math along with examples they could directly apply to their classrooms – our teachers appreciated that!
— Jane Macmillan / Lower School Principal / SCIS Pudong Lower School